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Salad Daze

Salad Daze 100g


Salad Daze mix is a unique blend of salad herbs and edible flowers chosen for their dynamic flavours and colours. It includes intense greens such as salad rocket and mizuna, and bright reds such as red beet and red mustard. It is designed as a complete herb salad to be eaten fresh from the bag.


Salad Daze is an extremely versatile herb salad. It stands delightfully on its own, with the simplest of lemon and olive oil dressings. It can be adorned with more piquant dressings such as honey mustard or French vinaigrette, and makes a hearty base for more complex salad recipes. It matches elegantly with cheese, avocado, fruit, nuts, sprouts and microgreens; and makes a refined side dish for fish, chicken, meat, potato, egg, pulses and pasta dishes.

Health Benefits

Our Salad Daze contains Folate, so when eaten as part of a varied, healthy diet, it contributes to normal psychological function - improving mood, sleep, and stress levels.

Storage Bag

Our specially designed bag allows the right mix of oxygen and carbon dioxide to enter and escape, retaining maximum freshness. Store in original bag in vegetable drawer of refrigerator, and use within two days of opening.

Culture and History

There is perhaps no food that has a longer history of consumption than salad. The art of mixing different herbs to create new flavours is as old as humankind. In ancient times, it was believed that herbs had magical properties that could be harnessed to heal or to harm. Many of these mystical beliefs are being confirmed by modern science as the complex chemistry of plants is profiled.


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