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Mint 75g


Mint has dark green, slightly furry, tender leaves on a square stem. The flavour is refreshing and bright, with a sweet, cool sensation.


Always popular, Mint matches beautifully with citrus and cream flavours and can be used in iced teas, juices, cocktails, desserts, jellies, and sweets. It lights up a garden salad or dressing, and makes an exceptional addition to sauces, especially when vegetables, lamb, or duck are involved. It is also a classic garnish.

Health Benefits

Our Mint contains Folate, so when eaten as part of a varied, healthy diet, it contributes to normal psychological funtion - improving concentration, memory and mood.

Storage Bag

Our specially designed bag allows the right mix of oxygen and carbon dioxide to enter and escape, retaining maximum freshness. Store Mint in original bag in vegetable drawer of refrigerator, and use within two days of opening. Alternatively, Mint can be kept at room temperature by standing the stalks in a jar of water, away from direct light.

Culture and History

Mint has been cultivated for thousands of years, originally in the Mediterranean, but it has since been carried to many different continents by explorers and travellers. The ancient Romans used it to scent their baths and bodies.


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