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Salad Herbs

Salad Herbs


Our Salad herbs are a unique mix of seasonal salad herbs and edible flowers, chosen for their dynamic flavours and colours. They are piquant and vibrant, enlivening the simplest mix of salad greens.


Salad herbs are perfect chopped over Tasman Bay Herbs Racy Rocket, Watercress, fresh lettuce or your home-grown greens. The exciting burst of flavour complements fish, chicken, eggs, pasta, potatoes, rice, vegetable and meat dishes.

Health Benefits

Salad herbs offer the ultimate boost. Full of anti-oxidants and important minerals and vitamins, they benefit skin, hair, nails, and will help to preserve youthful vitality.



Store in the fridge in the vegetable drawer in original punnet. Use within two days of opening.

Culture and History

There is perhaps no food that has a longer history of consumption than salad. The art of mixing different herbs to create new flavours is as old as humankind. In ancient times, it was believed that herbs had magical properties that could be harnessed to heal or to harm. Many of these mystical beliefs are being confirmed by modern science as the complex chemistry of plants is profiled.


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