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Curled Parsley

Curled Parsley


Curled Parsley has unique, dark green, tightly ruffled leaves on a juicy stem. The flavour is bright, fresh and grassy with a creamy acidity and a light aniseed character.


Curled Parsley is often used raw, having a softer flavour than the flat leaf variety. Sometimes overused as a garnish and undervalued as a seasoning, Curled Parsley matches charmingly with creamy sauces, potatoes, tomatoes, fish, eggs, and cheese. It adds depth to soups, stews, and purees and it enlivens salads and sauces.

Health Benefits

Parsley was used as medicine before it was used as food. It offers a broad range of health benefits, as an anti-oxidant and digestive stimulant, and a tonic for the kidneys.



Store in the fridge in the vegetable drawer in original punnet. Use within two days of opening. It can also be frozen by roughly chopping and placing in a zip-lock bag, as is or with olive oil added. Flatten the contents of the bag to make it easy to break into portions. Freeze overnight. An ice cube tray can also be used by pouring a little water or olive oil over the chopped herbs inside the tray.

Culture and History

Curled Parsley is native to the Mediterranean, where it has been cultivated for over 2,000 years. The botanical name, Petroselinum, translates literally to 'rock celery', and speaks of the plant's natural habitat of rocky hillsides.


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