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Casserole Herbs

Casserole Herbs


Our Casserole Herbs are a seasonal medley of thoughtfully chosen Mediterranean herbs that satisfy the herbaceous flavour essential to a good casserole. The herbs are richly aromatic and bursting with flavour.


Casserole Herbs impart their sumptuous flavours into the cooking liquid of casseroles. They take a bland dish and turn it into a sensation. The herbs can be added early in the cooking, tied in a bundle or placed in a pouch of fabric to hold them together, and then removed towards the end. Alternatively, woody herbs can be separated from soft herbs, and only the woody herbs added at the start, leaving the more delicate herbs to be chopped and added towards the end of cooking.

Health Benefits

Casserole Herbs aid digestion of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. They also contain anti-oxidant compounds that contribute to general health.



Store in the fridge in the vegetable drawer in original punnet. Use within two days of opening.

Culture and History

Casserole is derived from an old French word, casse, which refers to the actual cooking vessel. The dish stretches back to classical Greek times, and earlier, when the ancients discovered that a tightly covered clay vessel could soften tough fibrous meats, blending and preserving the succulent, flavourful juices. Casseroles have remained popular because of their versatility and ease of preparation.


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