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Meat Herbs

Meat Herbs


Our Meat Herbs are a hearty medley of seasonal Mediterranean herbs, rich in flavour and aroma. They are chosen to enhance and harmonise the flavour profile of your favourite meat recipes.


Meat Herbs infuse their vivid flavours into beef, lamb, veal, ham and pork dishes. Try them chopped and rubbed into the meat before cooking, or use them with garlic as a superb marinade. They can be layered underneath the meat to create an aromatic herb bed for a more subtle flavour, and they can be stuffed inside rolls or roasts. The more delicate, softer herbs such as parsley can be taken aside before cooking and chopped over the meat just before serving.

Health Benefits

Meat Herbs aid the digestion of fatty meats and protein elements in the meal. They contain high levels of important anti-oxidants and micro-minerals that contribute to general health, stress resistance and longevity.



Store in the fridge in the vegetable drawer in original punnet. Use within two days of opening.

Culture and History

Meat, herbs and vegetables have been at the centre of the human diet since the dawn of history. Herbs were especially valuable before refrigeration, for their ability to preserve meat. It was also discovered that the flavours of herbs married beautifully with the flavours of meats, creating new and exciting combinations that were so delicious they became traditions.


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